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With the Volomed App, you'll get fast, simple and secure connection to available doctors around the world. Filter the results according to your personal criteria and select a physician you like the most.






The healthcare industry is digitalising with a fast pace, don't stay behind and join the community of thousands doctors around the world with direct access to patients. Benefit from transparent booking processes, easy payment management and efficient marketing of your services to the patients in need.

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Patients are losing patience when trying to access medical care - 
lengthy booking processes, never ending waiting times, complex insurance processing... 


All this forces patients to seek more efficient, transparent and accessible solutions. Thanks to Volomed, the patients can finally get real time access to their medical providers without having to go through all the struggle.

Enhanced patient experience leads to direct market growth and acquisitions of new medical products.

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On the go,

at home

or traveling

Your next doctor is just
a minute away with:

No matter if you are looking for the fastest convenient solution to treat your medical issue or you are planning a complex surgery abroad, Volomed presents you with a safe, reliable and transparent solution to search, book and keep track of your medical treatments.

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