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About Volomed

The Problem

Nowadays thousands of patients around the world struggle to access quality healthcare through barriers imposed by National Healthcare Systems, Insurance policies and absence of sufficient medical technology in their environment. This leads to in-transparency, long waiting times and complex procedures in healthcare acquisition process. Over the last 10 years, these factors have triggered a chain of events, which forced the patients to seek medical services elsewhere to meet their personal requirements, this translated into a global trend labelled "Medical Tourism". Although the market is growing in extreme speeds, there are none or few efficient providers of certified, high-quality and diverse medical services internationally.

Here comes Volomed

Volomed is designed to tackle the above mentioned challenges and provide access to quality medical services for anyone. Volomed provides a direct link with live-time availability updates to certified medical providers around the world. This enables all patients to efficiently search and find a provider which suits their personal needs. We offer a complete solution, which offers you to process the entire booking and payment process through your phone, where the only thing the patient has to do is: Personally arrive at the physician's office.

Volomed acts as a mediator between both Doctors and Patients, to provide transparency, security and trust between providers and users.

This enables both parties to avoid misunderstandings in booking processes, patient no-shows, efficient bookings and recurring patients.

Volomed is a disruptive technology that boosts the speeds and reliability of healthcare acquisition, bypassing the complexity of such processes today.

Our corporate mission is simple, we aim to provide balance in the global healthcare systems and provide easy and quick access to medical treatments anywhere, anytime...

Our Challenges today

Our product is currently in the final development stage, where we are focusing on improving user experience, international presence and adaptation to local patient needs. We aim to provide a solution which is equally balanced for provides and users and provides the most utility to both parties. As we move towards our final stage, we cooperate with innovative medical providers understanding the needs and challenges in current healthcare systems.

Volomed offers an opportunity to speed up the process of healthcare digitalisation and improvement of medical services. If you feel like you can be a part of the medical digitalisation process, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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